square the circle

The Square the Circle technology is an exclusive patent owned by Abate Basilio. This system to centre the moulds is the pride of our company and is now present on production lines all over the world. Versatility is the main feature of this technology.

It can be applied to any kind of moulds (including multi-cavity moulds). The centring is carried out by coupling two inserts/surfaces with different thermal treatments in order to minimize wear and extend the duration of the system.

  • The innovative positioning of the adjustment elements allows to avoid the increase of the clamping force on them, thus extending the service life until reaching the duration of the mould.

  • The new system has a greater capacity to control the centring and to maintain the tolerance of the wall thickness of the product during the life of the mould. This allows to minimize the thickness and reduce the weight of the product.

  • 8 pairs of inserts can be created which means a capability of 16 centring axle.

  • The re-centring of the mould is very easy and can be done with the mould mounted on the machine in a short time: generally it takes 7 minutes for each cavity.

  • The dimensions of the multi-cavity mould can be reduced and its power increased; for this reason it is possible to apply the centring force where the structure resistance is higher.

  • This solution has proven to be the best over time since it guarantees the highest precision of the wall thickness, no wear, high stability and long life of the mould.


Thanks to its technology, flexibility and analytical approach, Abate Basilio does not only manufacture high performance moulds for the injection of plastic materials, but also provides customized solutions for any project. Thanks to the control of the entire production chain, from planning to delivery, each mould ensures unique quality, durability and performance.

and planning

Abate offers a service of consultancy and analysis of the customer’s needs specific for each project. A specific technical knowledge is required for each sector, from food industry to chemicals, logistics etc., in order to be able to design and manufacture the more appropriate mould for a specific product.

and testing

Our production line includes 5-axis machining centres with fully automatic tool and pallets changers which allow us to achieve maximum repeatability and quickest throughput. Our machines are equipped with a laser control of the real dimensions directly obtained during the process in order to achieve the maximum precisions.

and after-sale

Our technical department ensures a fast, reliable and precise after-sale service. 95% of the company production is destined to be exported to different countries located over 5 continents. Our company has always given support to customers all over the world thanks to reliable planning of the mould and availability of spare parts which are guaranteed for 20 years.