Moulds for flowerpots

Thanks to the patents developed over the years, namely Square the circle®, Innercore®, Vaba® and Flexomould®, Injection Compression, Abate Basilio is able to plan and manufacture moulds for pots by using unique technology, such as the elastic system for opening the draining holes, which provide logistic and production advantages to the customer. We use highest quality materials which ensure longevity, reliability and performance of the mould over the time..

  • Cemented carbide insert opposite to the point of injection; for reduced wear caused by aggressive recycled material and high injection pressures.

  • Special alloy with high heat conductivity properties that produce intensive cooling and faster cycle times.

  • Abate’s exclusive construction of Azoto-cylinders-bottom pins that compensates thermal and mechanical variations and guarantee open and flash-free bottom holes.

  • Long-life moulds for continuous production.

  • Perfect centering and easy maintenance of the cavities (see the Square the circle® technology).

  • Specialist in thin walled and special product forms

  • Fast ejection obtained by a mixed mechanical/pneumatic system trough our patended no leakage air valve VABA®.

  • All our moulds can take advantage of IML process.

  • Short cycle times thanks to an excellent planned mould and the intense cooling system under the Innercore Extra Cooling System® patent.

  • Possibility to assemble handles to the Flowerpots with the mould, designed to offer significant advantages and savings (see the In mould assembly® technology).

  • Single and multiple cavities.

  • Modularity of the single cavity or multi-cavities thanks to the Flexomould®patent.

  • Possibility to use our Injection Compression Technology to get lighter Flowerpots.

Patents and technologies

Abate Basilio have eight innovative and unique patents granted. Very few companies in this field boast a comparable spirit of innovation and capability, such a well defined vision for the future. In the last forty years Abate Basilio has been setting trends in the design of injection moulds, allowing companies to offer improved, safer and more efficient products to the market.

The company’s experience together with its research & development ensure an on-going technical advancement aimed at providing effective solutions to its customers in the field of injection moulds for packaging. Our expert knowledge of materials and their applications allows us to obtain incomparably reliable production systems.

Our patented technologies include mould cooling, centring, in-mould handle assembly, modularity of the cavities, ejection of the product and the design of new containers with customized closing systems specific for food and industrial purpose.

Our patents offer our customers greater advantages than the competition.

  • handle moulding and assembly onto the container directly carried out into the mould.

  • container with double lock lid and tear-off band

  • container with triple lock lid and tear-off band

  • labelling during the moulding process

  • cavity change on the same mould

  • advanced system to centre the moulds

  • enhanced
    cooling system

  • ejection valve with a safe closure

  • injection and
    compression system


Thanks to its technology, flexibility and analytical approach, Abate Basilio does not only manufacture high performance moulds for the injection of plastic materials, but also provides customized solutions for any project. Thanks to the control of the entire production chain, from planning to delivery, each mould ensures unique quality, durability and performance.

and planning

Abate offers a service of consultancy and analysis of the customer’s needs specific for each project. A specific technical knowledge is required for each sector, from food industry to chemicals, logistics etc., in order to be able to design and manufacture the more appropriate mould for a specific product.

and testing

Our production line includes 5-axis machining centres with fully automatic tool and pallets changers which allow us to achieve maximum repeatability and quickest throughput. Our machines are equipped with a laser control of the real dimensions directly obtained during the process in order to achieve the maximum precisions.

and after-sale

Our technical department ensures a fast, reliable and precise after-sale service. 95% of the company production is destined to be exported to different countries located over 5 continents. Our company has always given support to customers all over the world thanks to reliable planning of the mould and availability of spare parts which are guaranteed for 20 years.