Our technologies together

Simplicity is extremely complex. Behind an object with a simple look, such as a plastic pail for edible oil, the Abate Basilio’s spirit of innovation is pioneering an huge difference.

The customer’s request was very clear: a plastic container for edible oil able to resist to falling from up to 1,5 m. on each side, tamper-proof, with a lower weight than the other products that compete on the market, completely airtight and with a plastic handle to be 100% environmental friendly.

Abate Basilio has met the challenge by starting a unique project in this field, an eighteen months’ project achieved thanks to the commitment and spirit of innovation that characterize the company, making it a worldwide important player.

This has resulted in a product which meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Thanks to the exploitation of the Abate Basilio’s patents, it is possible to directly insert the handle into the final mould during the injection stage of the manufacturing process. The Triplock, Square the Circle, Innercore, VABA, IML and IMA patents allow to manufacture objects able to meet any customer’s needs.

This project has been very important for Abate Basilio; it demonstrates that expertise and human skills together with the technical innovation and precision that characterize the company are the main values which allow Abate Basilio to continuously innovate and to be a leading company in High Performance Injection Mould for packaging products, as well as one of the major players on International market.

  • The IMA technology is protected by a worldwide patent registered by Abate Basilio and has been specifically designed for containers with handles. The in-mould handle assembly does not require any labour and it allows for the optimization of the process 24/7.

  • The Innercore Extra Cooling System is a technology covered by an exclusive patent which is the result of extensive planning and development work which lasted many years; this system allows the cooling down of truncated cone-shaped moulds.

  • A new assembly comprising innovative container and lid made of plastic material which is the result of 25 years of research and development in the field of closing systems for special containers. Triplock® combines easy closing feature of the lid – assured by foldable wings providing incomparable drop resistance and tamper proof properties as well as tightness features enhanced by triple lock technology.

  • The Square the Circle technology is an exclusive patent owned by Abate Basilio. This system to centre the moulds is the pride of our company and is now present on production lines all over the world. Versatility is the main feature of this technology.

  • This valve, now famous throughout the world, is covered by a patent owned by Abate Basilio which ensures greater reliability to the moulds. This valve with a safe closure eliminates jamming and the consequent back flow of plastic into the valve and its air supply channels, thus avoiding prolonged machine downtime.

  • This technology has been developed and improved by Abate Basilio over the last 25 years; It allows for the optimisation of the production cycle by applying the label onto the container directly during the injection and moulding process. IML technology ensures excellent features and advantages for the food and chemical industry.

  • The injection compression technology exploits two different stages of the injection machine to form the piece. The first stage consists of the injection trough the screw of the IMM while the second stage relates to the plasticization of the piece, due to the surfaces of the mould coming in contact with each other during the closing of the IMM. This second stage is the innovative part of the process.


Thanks to its technology, flexibility and analytical approach, Abate Basilio does not only manufacture high performance moulds for the injection of plastic materials, but also provides customized solutions for any project. Thanks to the control of the entire production chain, from planning to delivery, each mould ensures unique quality, durability and performance.

and planning

Abate offers a service of consultancy and analysis of the customer’s needs specific for each project. A specific technical knowledge is required for each sector, from food industry to chemicals, logistics etc., in order to be able to design and manufacture the more appropriate mould for a specific product.

and testing

Our production line includes 5-axis machining centres with fully automatic tool and pallets changers which allow us to achieve maximum repeatability and quickest throughput. Our machines are equipped with a laser control of the real dimensions directly obtained during the process in order to achieve the maximum precisions.

and after-sale

Our technical department ensures a fast, reliable and precise after-sale service. 95% of the company production is destined to be exported to different countries located over 5 continents. Our company has always given support to customers all over the world thanks to reliable planning of the mould and availability of spare parts which are guaranteed for 20 years.